Live stage enjoyment
in high definition

With uninterrupted 1080p quality,
we make videos more vivid,
from live performances to fan meetings.

Multi-view by member to choose

In STAYG, you can see the multi-view
for each member.
Meet your favorite fancams in real time.
(The number of multi-views may change
due to on-site circumstances.)

Interactive fan meeting
facing the stars

Just like an offline fan meeting,
the stars and I are in one place!
This is real communication prepared by STAYG.

Live that the fans make together

The real-time
Live survey
Chosen by the star
My best chat
Me! Me!
Fan meeting raising hand function
Tell the star your story in real time.
It is a moment that the star and I
create together.

The stage to meet
one step ahead

Shall we enjoy the performance
from the start of the countdown?
Feel the stage in advance with
pre-cheering messages and chatting.